Author: Dale Anson
Version: 2.0.1

Command Reference

Invariably, I add new features and don't get the documentation up-to-date. Check the current command list by using the \? command in DbConsole. All application and meta-commands are case-insensitive, that is, \ls and \LS will do the same thing.

Application Commands

Application commands start with \:


Meta-commands also start with \. Items in {} are required, in [] are optional:

As of version 2.0, DbConsole uses the excellent jline library to assist with command input. This library provides command history across all platforms, which has been a problem with DbConsole in the past. Those familiar with the 'bash' shell (or other Unix shells providing history) will recognize the value of this right away. You can use the 'up' and 'down' arrows to select a previous command to run and/or edit.

A word about case and the meta-commands: Some databases are sensitive about case. I tend to type everything in lowercase, but that doesn't always work on all databases. For example, Oracle would accept a command like \ls EMPLOYEES but would reject \ls employees. DbConsole first tries to execute the command exactly as it is entered, if that doesn't return any results, it will try again with everything in upper case.