Author: Dale Anson
Version: 2.0.1


DbConsole is a command-line Java application, that is, there is no GUI. DbConsole relies on the portability of Java and ubiquity of JDBC drivers to allow the user to run a single interface to relational databases regardless of the operating system or database server.

DbConsole allows the user to type in and execute SQL. A number of "meta" commands are built in, such as listing schemas, tables, and columns.

I used the "psql" application that comes with Postgresql (www.postgresql.org) as the model for the meta commands. I use psql a lot, and a similar program for Oracle, the two programs are close enough but different enough to cause me problems. Now I just use DbConsole for both, and it's no problem. I have used DbConsole with the McKoi database (www.mckoi.com/database) with very good success. I haven't tested much with other databases, I'd be interested in hearing any success or failure stories.